Flow Drains


1. How Do You Clear Blocked Drains?

When we arrive at your property, we will either use rodding or jetting to clear your blocked drain. For the most effective results, we will use the high pressure on the jetter and change the nozzles on the end of it to suit the cause of the blockage.


2. Can You Clean Blocked Toilet And Shower Drains?

If you have a blocked toilet or a shower drain that needs unblocking, we can help to clear them, but it does depend on the layout of the stack pipes within the property. Therefore, we would need to conduct a survey of the property before we could determine the type of work that would be required.


3. What Causes Blocked Drains?

If you have a blocked drain, then it has probably been caused by either excessive tissue or baby wipes being flushed down the toilet. Blocked drains can also be caused from:


  • Toilet Fresheners
  • Limescale In The Waste Pipes
  • Tree Roots Grown Into The Pipes
  • Broken And Old Pipes


4. How Much Do You Charge To Clear Blocked Drains?

At Flow Drains, we offer affordable prices for both businesses and houses.

For businesses we charge £80 for rodding or £120 for jetting for the first hour. Should we need to work over an hour, we will charge an extra £80 for every additional hour.

For houses, we charge £80 for rodding or £120 for jetting, which will just be a one-off payment.


5. How Can Blocked Drains Be Prevented?

If you want to prevent a blocked drain, you should avoid flushing inappropriate objects down the toilet or allowing harmful substances down your sink or shower, which can cause limescale.

By maintaining your drains, they will last longer and are less likely to become blocked. You can either:


  • Install A Drain Guard
  • Use Drain Cleaner
  • Regularly Use Boiling Water
  • Be Vigilant When Looking For Signs Of Blocked Drains
  • Accept Help From The Professional


6. How Quickly Will You Clear Out A Blocked Drain?

Usually, we take between 20-30 minutes to clear and clean a blocked drain. If the drain needs to be rodded, then it normally takes around 5 minutes. However, this is for a typical case and some blocked drains may take longer to be cleared.


7. Which Areas Do You Cover? 

We cover a wide area, so we can help as many people as we can to clear their blocked drains. These areas include:


  • Bracknell
  • Ascot
  • Crowthorne
  • Sandhurst
  • Sunningdale
  • Sunninghill
  • Reading
  • Virginia Water
  • Egham
  • Camberley
  • Farnborough
  • Aldershot
  • Windsor
  • Slough


8. Do You Charge For An Emergency Call Out And How Long Will It Take You To Arrive At My Property?

We work hard to ensure that we get to every job as quickly as possible, regardless of whether it’s an emergency or not. However, if it is an emergency call out during working hours, we won’t charge extra because we class all sewage blockages as an emergency.

When we arrive at your property, if a jetting service has been carried out and if the technician feels that it is necessary, then we will conduct a camera inspection free of charge.


9. What Are Typical Signs Of A Blocked Drain?

It’s important to catch any early signs of a blocked drain so you can get in touch with our team and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Typical signs of a blocked drain, include:


  • If Your Toilet Takes A While To Flush
  • If Your Sink, Bath Or Shower Produces Gurgling Noises
  • If Your Toilet Levels Increase When You Run A Tap Or Run A Bath
  • If There Are Any Unpleasant Smells Lingering
  • If There Is Any Sewage Seeping Through From Either A Gully Or Manhole


10. Do You Clear Blocked Drains At The Weekend And On Bank Holidays?

We are here to help you and unblock your drain any day of the year. Whether it is a weekend or bank holiday, we will come to your property and clean your drain.


11. Is It Safe To Unblock A Drain Without Professional Help?

We wouldn’t recommend that you try to unblock a drain without professional help, but it’s at your own discretion.


12. If My Blocked Drain Isn’t Dealt With, What Can Happen?

Blocked drains that are not dealt with can become an issue for the environment around your property. Sewage can seep out and cause environmental damage that could result in a substantial fine. Additionally, it can cause harmful complications to your health, as well as your property.

If your question wasn’t answered, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful and expert team, today!