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How To Tell If Your Property Has A Drain Emergency

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If you have an inkling that your property may have a blocked drain or a burst pipe, you should call a company that can successfully solve your problem. However, how can you tell for sure if it is a drain emergency or not? What are the signs? Fortunately, we have accumulated our top tips for working out whether you have a drain emergency, so you can act upon it immediately. Take a closer look, below.

Your Water Will Be Slow Flowing

Typically, one of the biggest signs that you have an issue with your drain is slow flowing water. This sign can sometimes be overlooked, and some people might not consider this to be a big problem. However, if the water is flowing at a very slow rate then it is more than likely to fix itself and increase the speed. It is an easy sign to identify, which could indicate that there is a big problem with your drainage system, form a large blockage and even a broken drainpipe.

If you have noticed that your water is slow flowing, you need to contact a professional company, because if you leave it untreated the pipe can easily burst and flood the interior of your home.


Unpleasant Smells

Bad odours are far from pleasant, especially when they come from the drains. This smell is a massive sign that you have a drain emergency on your hands, and it will typically mean that stagnant water and decomposing solids have gathered in your drain, causing a blockage. The smell doesn’t only emanate from the exterior drains; the unpleasant smell can also come from baths, sinks, showers and toilets too. As soon as you start smelling the odours, you should get in touch with a team such as Flow Drains UK, as we can get to your property immediately and implement a successful technique to eradicate the smell and problem.

Different Sounds

Another really obvious sign of a blocked drain is the unusual sounds you can hear when you flush your toilet, or even from your plug holes. The noises could be an indication that your pipes have trapped air in them, which is usually caused by a build up of debris in the drain. This debris can include oil, food, soap and even grease. When the drain returns to its normal running, the water and air is pushed around the blockage and this is what causes the different gurgling sounds. 

Whether the sound is big or small, we would suggest that you get a team of specialists to help or advise you on what you should do.


Burst Pipes

If your pipes burst, it is a very clear sign that you have a problem with your pipes and a drain emergency. When you discover that you have burst pipes, the first thing you want to do is turn the water off at the stop tap, as well as your boiler. Once you have done this, ensure that you open all the taps in the property, so the entire water system can be drained thoroughly. By doing this, you will be preventing any further floods from taking place in your property.

If the pipe has burst near any electrical supplies or system, it’s important that you turn off the mains immediately. Even a small puddle of water could be an indication that you have a drain emergency.

Low Pressure

Another sign that you have a problem with your drainage system is if your water has low pressure. This could potentially be a sign that your water mains have a burst or even a broken drainpipe.

Hopefully these signs will enable you to identify quickly that there is a problem with your drainage system, so you can contact specialists to solve the problem as soon as possible for you. Here at Flow Drains UK, we provide a number of services, so regardless of what your drain problem is, we can easily implement a solution at an affordable price. Get in touch with us to find out more or if you have a drain emergency, today!

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